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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a lot more throughout the evening and then another round of rain later this week. i'll break it down for you. first, it's 4:59. how do the roads look, mike? >> right now, south bay is not showing major issues. southbound 101 just around the 85 transition. it sounds like two lanes are blocked. they just reopened a couple minutes ago. slowings and flashing lights. all lanes reopened at 85. back out to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a group of south bay teachers are headed to sacramento this morning as the governor tries to refine the budget. education funding is a very big part of it. christie smith joins us live are that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: this group is going to take what they learned in education all the way up to sacramento this morning.
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it comes as the governor unveils the revised budget that may not hold the type of good news that schools are looking for. in santa clara county and statewide, teachers received notice they likely will be out of a job. districts have to submit a balanced budget by june 30th. they don't know how much they have to cut or how much they are getting from the state. the legislature is unsure how to close a budget gap they can't agree on whether to call an extension of temporary taxes through an election. on top of all this, $2.5 billion in unanticipated tax dollars came in. some believe it could hurt the governor's chance of a tax
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increase. [ inaudible ] we'll be hear talking with folks at about 6:30 this morning trying to get their feedback on what's going on in sacramento. reporting live in sacramento. >> thank you very much. for a look at the rest of the day's news, we want to check with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the time is 5:02. oakland detectives are investigating a deadly overnight shooting. officers say they found the body on bancroft avenue near 66th street. no arrests made and no information about the suspects released. san francisco police want you to help them track down a suspect. take a look at these photos here. police say they have spotted the man on surveillance video in san francisco and throughout the bay
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area. the accounts are in the name of 74-year-old joseph williams who was found dead two weeks ago. police are treating the death as a homicide. they are not saying how he died. we have new information about a deadly weekend shooting in san francisco that killed two men and injured another. the chronicle reports the triple shooting happened during a fight at a birthday party saturday night. neighbors say a man was beaten up by four men on appleton avenue when the friend fired warning shots in the air. that prompted others to fire back. when police arrived, they spotted one man shot dead in the streets and another in a courtyard. in the north bay, the city is being sued for a spill. one of the six sewage collectors wants the city to be responsible for the mess. it's asking the city pay
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millions in fines and legal fees because of the spill. the treatment plant released more than 3 million gallons of raw sewage into richardson bay. marijuana businesses are a good business. in the firth month. 70 collectives paid $290,000. that revenue will drop as city council capped the number of collectives to ten. the city of san jose is grappling with a $115 million deficit. this morning the space shuttle "endeavour" is preparing for final lift off. you are looking at the shuttle in cape canaveral in florida. it will lift off at 5:36 this morning. the electrical problem that grounded the flight two weeks
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ago is repaired. the commander is kelly. his wife is gabrielle giffords. this is the last launch for the space shuttle "endeavour" before it retires to a los angeles museum. let's head to oakland where laura garcia-cannon joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla and good morning to everyone waking up this monday morning. we have more on injured giants fan, bryan stow. he was brutally beaten at a los angeles dodgers game. soon, he's coming back to the bay area. for more on that story, we want to check in with damian trujillo live this morning. good morning. >> good morning. stow has been out of his medically endeuced coma for more than a week now. he still remains unconscious. he was attacked in the parking lot of dodgers stadium. police are still looking for the two attackers. stow's friends say he will be
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flown to the hospital. doctors say recovery from injuries like this can take as long as a year. the family knows they may not get the same bryan stow back. they are grateful for the outpouring of support they have got in southern california. >> we have made lifelong friends. thank you doesn't say enough, how much we appreciate you. you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. bryan has been blessed with the most amazing medical staff. >> that staff says stow has shown improvement. he's able to open his eyes and move his extremities. they expect him to check out of l.a. hospital at 10:00 a.m. this morning. general is ready for his arrival and will provide updates, if the family permits.
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he should be in the bay area by noon today. >> thank you so much. we wish that family the very best as he continues to recover. we are out here live this morning in oakland. the temperatures mild. oh, when the wind blows, christina loren, you know how that goes. >> yeah, a little windchill factor. the good news is it's not raining over you right now. we should get a break for a couple hours. you should stay dry. it is mild because of the cloud cover we have overhead. if you are anything you need to do, you don't want the rain to come down on you, between now and 9:00, 10:00 a.m. you will get a break. after that, the next weather maker moves in. this is packing more of a punch. this is what we are talking about in terms of the steady forecast today. at noon, the steady rain pushes in. it's going to continue all the way through the evening hours. you can see the yellow.
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this comes through 7:00 p.m. the north bay, as usual, will see the most rain today. possibly up to a half inch before the day is done. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., it will become a little more showerry. we'll talk about where the temperatures are headed. they are coming up toward the end of the week. let's get to the traffic forecast. what do you think, mike? >> a lot of slowing coming up later on in the maze. at present, things are moving nicely because there's no major rain. we had a light rain over the last couple days. might not be enough to wash the oil off the roadways. no incidents reported blocking roadways. we did have an accident eastbound 580 through downtown oakland. chp may be taking more details on the shoulder. it's a little distraction heading toward highway 13. then a live look past the coliseum. this is 880, southbound with the
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headlights. smooth here past 66. toward marina boulevard, reports of an accident. the car remains at the scene. it was hit. might be flashing lights as chp heads over there. no major slowing heading to the san mateo bridge. away from the east bay to the peninsula and taillights. heading toward us, looks like a traffic break but it's not. it's a burst of traffic. we see bursts or packs of cars traveling. a steady shot even though there's rain in the area, a dry shot as well. back to you, laura. >> thank you very much, mike. we are waking up this morning in oakland. the tour of the bay bringkl toon oa and. we are looking at the pride of oakland as well as the first
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class space and science museum.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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welcome back, everyone. our tour around the bay continues this morning. we are waking up in oakland at the world famous square filled with all sorts of things to do not far from the port of oakland itself. the port of oakland is the fifth largest port in the country, occupying over 18 miles of the san francisco bay shoreline. 50,000 people make their living directly from port operations. i'm going to talk about the port later on in the show, how it's important to the economy. the city's vibrant music scene and restaurants that i mentioned. something the city of oakland is
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known for, its sports. very few cities have three professional sports teams like oakland does. the oakland as, the oakland raiders. we have a lot to talk about this morning. the train is passing through, making their way through. we have a band setting up out here. pop-like. so, we're going to get things rocking and rolling coming up in a bit as we are out here at jack london square. it's a lot of fun out here. of course, we are following the day's news as well. good morning, my friend. >> good morning, laura. we are following developing news overseas. a bomb threat from an irish republican group. police say the warning does not include a specific location or time. but, the threat comes a day before queen elizabeth ii is set to visit ireland.
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meantime, in the bay area, a man is fighting for his life after falling 30 feet at a house party while watching the bay to breakers race. he fell around noon yesterday from the roof of a second window. it's unclear if he has been drinking. police arrested 25 people along the race route. the majority for public intoxication. they had to remove one float from the course. other than that, the race was relatively mild compared to past years. this morning, the tour will ride if mother nature cooperates. stage one was canceled for the first time in the race's history because of snow. this was the scene at kings run in south lake tahoe where it snowed most of the day. the race is set to start up this morning.
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the woman who knows whether the snow is going to stop or come is with us. good morning, christina. >> the giants got rained out yesterday, too, in chicago. hopefully things will get cleared up there. let's talk about here and now. the area south of navato are renegade showers. we are not going to see a lot more develop. by 11:00 a.m., the pattern starts to intensify. rain is more steady across the bay area. this is why. we have a powerful system pushing south. as it does so, this is the first trough that came through yesterday. we are still seeing the repercussions from this. slick conditions. the next weather maker is stronger, packing more moisture. we could pick up a half inch today in the north bay. a quarter inch or less for the south bay, east bay and along the peninsula. the temperatures are going to struggle to break out of the 50s
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in san francisco. 59 degrees is the forecasted high in san francisco. i'm going to go warmer, 61 degrees. san jose, 61. 62 in gilroy. i would love to tell you we are going to warm up tomorrow. not quite yet. 77 by friday. temperatures over the weekend are going to be comfortable. yeah, we have another round of rain possibly sunday into monday. so, yeah, it's unusual to see this type of pattern, laura, but i didn't want to wash that car. the rain did it for me. >> that's the optimistic view to take. i love it. thank you. we are live at jack london square. one of the great finds up here in the hills of oakland is the coolest space center around. bob redell is there. good morning. >> good morning, we are on top of the oakland hills.
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the beauty of the place is once the sun goes down on a friday or saturday night, you come out for free and gaze into the stars. they have three telescopes here. this is 35 feet long. it's a 25 inch refracting telescope. this thing is 96 years old. yet, after all this time, it's amazing the technology still works. >> the telescope is simple. it's a lens, a piece of glass with a hollow tube inside. >> what do you say to people who never looked through a telescope. they have only seen stars in textbooks. >> you'll be hooked after the first one. it's not like looking at a picture of something. a beautiful picture the hubble space telescope makes,
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completely different. >> say we are looking at saturn, can you give us an idea what it would look like? >> if you imagine something the size of a silver dollar in front of you. it's the size you experience saturn at, but it looks like it's right in front of you, like you can reach out and touch it. >> i want to show some of the images that have been taken with this telescope. there's saturn and here's mars. you can see the moon with this? >> the moon is an easy one. >> i was kidding. it goes so keep you can't see the outside. what kind of detail are you going to see compared to my little one at home. >> you can see smaller things, small craters, hills and mountains, the shadows cast by the sunlight. we can't see the apollo equipment they left up there, but you can see small rocks. >> the urban legend with this
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telescope is what? i have seen a lot of people over the years? >> yeah. albert einstein looked through this telescope. >> you can do it on fridays and saturdays here at the space and science center on skyline boulevard. it's a nice drive up the hills. it's pending on the weather. right now, six planets in the sky are clustered together. there's four, then two more not far away. it doesn't happen maybe once every five years. it's a great time for viewing in the sky. later, we are talking the space shuttle launch taking place in just under an hour. they have a cool exhibit about what it's like living in space. laura. >> all right. thank you very much, bob. hey, we are live here at jack
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london square. we have a great band setting up to rock your monday morning. we are going talk to a legendary producer and musician from here in the east bay. meanwhile, in tech news, more trouble for the maker of the blackberry. l out. a lot less paper to deal with. i like that. i just feed in my check... feed the cash right in. and... -boom. -there it goes. it read my checks, counts my cash... adds it all up. how does it do that? it even shows me what kind of bills i deposited. four twenties; one ten; two fives. -amazing. -look! there's the check -- right on the receipt. -genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america.
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good morning. 5:22 on this monday morning. a live look at hp pavilion. the sharks lost last nilgt. finals are not over, right? >> right. better to lose the first one than the last one. it's a good point there. we are looking at antioch. better early than late. highway 4 picked up the construction. now, you have a smooth drive over to summersville. 68 is showing a slowdown off hill crest where they are doing
5:23 am
testing. highway 4 is moving smoothly. a nice drive through walnut creek. we look at the volume of traffic. there are no major problems as far as the volume here managed by the toll lanes. there might be one or two cash lanes closed for about 20 minutes. it might cause slowing. from the north bay, the golden gate bridge looks nice as well. there's a little glow. you can't see much beyond the lights at the top of the tower. watch for that. fog and showers throughout the area. the north bay is holding up with the travel times coming out of navato and through the richmond center bridge. it's a great flow of traffic. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:23 now. police are asking for your help
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solving a deadly shooting. it happened on eighth and f street. they found a 34-year-old shot several times. the union city man received treatment for injuries, but we later died. anyone with information on this case is asked to call union city police. a top contender to be the next president of france will be in an american courtroom to face sexual assault. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. his attorney said he agreed to dna testing. a 32-year-old housekeeper says strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her when she went inside the hotel suite to clean it. the maid picked him out of a lineup. a problem on the stock market. scott mcgrew says yahoo! shares
5:25 am
continue to go down. >> in the case of the yahoo! investors, they are worried about how they are being treated by a chinese company that's been considered so valuable. the fact yahoo! is such a big investor propped up their stock. confusion over the actions whether they are being straight forward with yahoo! sent them in a tail spin and shares were not that hot to begin with. another company that's been a dog on the market lately is research in motion. all kinds of problems with products. we talked about the disappointment with the play book before. they are going to have to recall 1,000 play books for flaws. fine. 1,000 are not that many. you know how many ipads have been recalled? 1,000 less.
5:26 am
hulu, the online tv service shall live for several more years. it reached the deals it needs to to keep nbc, fox and abc on the service. a lot of people don't realize this, but hulu is frankenstein's monster. it's more popular than they expe expected. tv networks are saying hang on, now people aren't watching tv. >> it's amazing how it caught on. thanks scott. good to see you out here. we are live at jack london square. remember when prince came to the area and had a surprise concert? you know what? he's doing it again. bringing the purple rain to the hp pavilion for surprise shows. we know about them. thursday and saturday. we know so well, we are going to give away five tickets to the first folks that come down here. but you have to be dressed up in
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your best prince garb out here. this is a local bay area band setting up. re going to have more from
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them, coming up.
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20 cities in 20 days. may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in oakland this monday morning. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. so much to see out here. the activities are starting. we are not far from the port of oakland. up in the hills the science and space museum. checking on the forecast, we want to see what to wear with christina loren. >> always, always the biggest question of the day. this morning, we are looking good. a nice day. we have a bit of a break from all the rain. we saw laura out there live in oakland. she's dry.
5:30 am
showers are pushing into the area. i'll let you know when the heaviest rain is going to arrive and when we'll get a break from the rainfall. mike, how is the east bay drive? >> good. we are focusing on the east bay. the maze we have a lot more folks heading through the area. a bay bridge is holding up steady. we had an accident and the live look shows it volume starting to increase past the coliseum. no slowing. it sounds like things are cleared now. might see flashing lights on the side. we are going to send it back out to you. >> all right. we have a band warming up out here. we're going to have more from them in a bit. we have the day's news we are following as well. injured giants fan bryan stow has been in a los angeles hospital for months now. he's coming back to the bay area. we want to check in with damian trujillo live with more on stow's condition.
5:31 am
good morning. >> good morning. bryan stow should be back in the bay area by noon today. he flies to sfo then go to sf general. stow is still unconscious. they released him a week ago from his coma. he's been able to open his eyes. he was attacked in a parking lot of dodgers stadium. police will make an announcement tuesday on the investigation saying they have identified person's of interest. leaving l.a. is bittersweet because they have made so many friends during their stay. >> on behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you to the community who has embraced bryan and supported him. the people of l.a. have been in our hearts. your prayers and support guided us through. >> stow says they know they won't get the same bryan stow
5:32 am
back. he has a long recovery ahead of him. they are happy to bring him home. he's a paramedic with amr. sf general will provide daily updates on stow's condition. >> thank you very much. we wish them all the best. for a look at the rest of the day's news, we want to check in with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning. it's 5:32. this morning, six young men will be in a san francisco courtroom to answer to charges in the shooting death of a german tourist. he was visiting san francisco to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary when she was gunned down. police officers say she was just an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire of rival gang members. two other people were hurt in the shooting. vallejo police continue to see who tagged a radio station.
5:33 am
oz cat discovered the "n" word sprayed on a mailbox, a doorway and vehicle. the station has not been tagged before. they are a community based radio station that plays diverse music. a rise in cases of a highly infectious childhood disease. 13 cases of measles have been reported statewide this year. seven since april. some of those infected come from alameda, santa clara counties. there were 27 cases last year and nine in 2009. health officials say the increase is mainly due to travelers who visited europe, africa and asia where there are large outbreaks of measles. the center for infectious diseases are asking people who plan on traveling abroad or expecting international visitors to make sure their vaccinations are up to date.
5:34 am
jerry brown presents the may revision to the budget. they have a $14 billion hold. governor brown is asking for a five-year extension on the sales income and vehicle tax. in march legislatures made $8 billion in cuts. also in play, $2.5 billion in unexpected income tax revenues. republicans want to trim the deficit through cuts alone and not waivering on the no-tax stance. >> it depends on whether the republicans want to continue to be the party of no, no tax. it's going to take the same two-thirds margin. anytime you want to raise taxes, that's what you need. the democrats are short two votes in the assembly and two in the senate. >> stay legislatures have until june 13th to pass a balanced budget i. time to go to oakland with laura.
5:35 am
good morning. >> yes, thank you very much. we have more on the space shuttle "endeavour" that will make the last flight today. first, we want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> yeah, we are checking the forecast from space this morning. we have a little bit of shower activity coming down over the bay area. this is the break. we are getting what break we will have today right here, right now. the next few hours finally kind of a break from the rain. it's cloudy out there. we are going to see the rain return as we head into this afternoon and it's going to become more steady for this evening. temperatures not all that warm today. rather cool. you need the jacket all day long. keep the umbrella with you as well. showers intensifying and becoming moderate toward the evening. 62 degrees in santa rosa today. 62 in fairfield. 63 in los gatos. your seven-day moments away. now, traffic the mike inouye. >> good morning, we'll take you
5:36 am
to the south bay where we start with a nice flow of traffic. we have looked at the speed sensors. no major incidents. i want to tell you about a tip from the police department. they are going to hand out more information. calmex technology is where we found a dead body. they are going to stop traffic to hand out flyers. you might find slowing north of highway 1. they are looking for information on the earlier report we had. you can get more information on we are looking at the peninsula moving smoothly toward highway 84. the construction doesn't look like it took closures from eastbound to 84 heading toward dakota road. the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly. heading away from hayward, the
5:37 am
headlights are moving smoothly as well. the speed sensors made a smooth flow here as well. a smooth flow through the east bay. we have slowing in antioch. no big sur prizes there. a street to loveridge. what is not typical is you being in jack london square. >> not typical, but we are taking it out of the news room and out of the box. we are taking up in oakland. we are going to have more from jack london square and we are keeping tabs on the space shuttle "endeavour." it is taking off this morning. jay gray is live at kennedy space center this morning with more on the final countdown. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, laura. less than 30 minutes away from the scheduled launch here. they are working technical issues. the weather is looking spectacular here.
5:38 am
all things go as we countdown to the final launch for space shuttle "endeavour." the 25th and final mission. this is an amazing spacecraft and taking a step into history. during the mission, it will deliver $2 billion alpha magnetic spectrometer. all the parts they are taking to the international space station and remember, only two shuttle missions left. they have to get these parts there to keep that station up and running through 2020. there's also a lot of attention to the mission because of what's happening on the ground. gabrielle giffords, the wife of the commander of this mission, mark kelly made the trip from houston yesterday, visiting with him and saying good-bye. she is watching now from a
5:39 am
secluded area. she actually tweeted this morning saying good morning. who is ready for the best show on earth. obviously, she is excited about what's happening here as she waits an watches like 500,000 who poured into the space coast to get one last glimpse at history t. crowds are building here. now, less than 30 minutes away from launch. >> all right. thank you very much, jay. it looks like that is the place to be. one of two places to be across the nation. how about here. jack london square. we are going to have more on the port of oakland and why it's important to the region and the entire nation. and we have this group setting up, ready to play a little music this morning. this is pop life. a local band. we are going to talk to the producer and musicians from the group. we are inviting you to come out
5:40 am
to jack london square. we are giving away prince tickets, a surprise tour he's taking. get dressed up like prince and maybe you'll win. ♪
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k ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. 20 cities and 20 days. our may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful oakland this morning. the clouds are clearing. the wind is whipping up a bit. it's a great day by the port of oakland. it's essential not only to the bay area, but across the nation. it's the fifth largest port or this is the fifth largest in the country. you may be surprised of what it exports to countries like asia. marilyn is with the port of oakland. she joins us with more. thanks for joining us. battling the brave or the wind
5:43 am
out here. it's cold, but not too bad. >> it's a beautiful day at the port. >> it's interesting doing research on the port of what it exports. people may be surprised. >> people don't realize because of our proximity to agriculture, we export a lot of valuable produce to asia. it's well sought after there. we export fruits, dried nuts, vegetable, rice, dairy. everything we would like to eat. also the poultry and because of our proximity to wine country in northern california, we export most of the wine coming out of this region overseas. >> not surprising. some of the great crops we have here and the wine, everybody wants a piece of that. you do it in a unique way here, the way everything is transported. >> that's right. it's put into a container. the big, bright colorful boxes coming to and from the port.
5:44 am
with containers we move a tremendous amount of cargo. think of it in terms of dollar value, $39 billion worth of imports and exports in oak larnd. just the last annual figure we have. >> the secure has become a great concern. the port of oakland has been leading the way for the nation. >> we have. we were the first major container port in the united states to put in radiation monitors. we have them at all the terminals. since 2005, we have been checking every single container from oakland to the u.s. and to the bay area. every single one is checked for radiation. it's wonderful to know we are safe and employs so many people here. it's great. >> yes, a lot of jobs are impacted. in terms of the region, it's over 50,000 jobs. not only for the sea port, but
5:45 am
we own and operate oakland international airport and we over see the port here, including jack london square. >> thank you for joining us. >> it's been a delight. >> we are following the days news and want to check in with marla tellez. she has more from the studio this morning. good morning, marla. oh, we are going to check in with christina. i can tell you the wind is blowing a bit. >> i can tell you by looking at you, luckily enough, you are staying dry. it's what we want. for a few hours that will be the case. if you have something to do, even if it's just checking the mail, i know it didn't come saturday. the showers are going to return. the rain is more steady. by this evening, moderate rainfall coming down across the bay area. we'll get to the future cast. grab the umbrella before you head out the front door. clearing by the middle of the week. this is what we are looking at now. the satellite was set in motion
5:46 am
this morning. spotty activity north of the bay bridge. throughout the day, this will intensify. by 11:00 a.m. showers push on shore by noon. the entire bay area is getting light rainfall. it continues until 7:00 p.m. you can see the moderate rain moving in. this is the potential for flooding. it could cause flooding in the north bay. take it easy on the drive home tonight. by the time we meet back here, we are dealing with showers. they are much lighter and more spotty in nature. the bulk of the moisture comes through today. then another round of moisture. we'll talk about that in a minute. 60 in san jose. the next round of rain late tuesday into wednesday. finally warming by thursday. let's check the news with marla tellez. >> thank you. it's 5:46. a story for you news junkies out there. an ex time you are on vacation, local news on your mobile
5:47 am
device. to get the google news you have to okay sharing location data with google. it lets users see news stories based on current location. in other news, walnut creek first grader with a knack for chess is the national champion. he won all seven games in his division during a chess championship held in dallas. his coach says he's the only first grader to win the state and national championships in the same year for his division. 5:47. time to head out to laura. she is live in oakland this morning with a band there. good morning. >> all right. thank you very much. we are out here at beautiful jack london square this morning. joining me is sean sullivan from the sixth annual walk to end poverty. it's happening at lake merit this weekend.
5:48 am
there's time to sign up. we were talking about all this does for the community. >> it brings people together. these are tough times. we have been confronting the issue of poverty for a number of years with the walks, highlighting the effect on people. 17% unemployment in the city of oakland. this works to address that and highlight the agencies in the community. >> the money from the walk goes to local food banks or centers helping folks. >> exactly. a number of programs, st. vincent, depaul, so many programs out there serving those people with the highest need and highest risk. >> making a difference and we can all walk, right? >> we will be there. walking the lake is easy. you get a free t-shirt. >> a little exercise. >> exactly. >> and you can sign up the day of the event as well. >> you can sign up at 9:00. we feed you.
5:49 am
we have entertainment for you. a number of groups representing the different ethnicities in the community. >> it's perfect. you talked about entertainment a bit. we have a sneak peek at the entertainment. they are going to be at the walk. it doesn't take a lot for them to warm up. you guys are fabulous. we are going to let them hit it and get a sample. we'll talk to them coming up. >> one, two, three, four -- ♪
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[ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. good morning, everybody. welcome back at 5:52 on a monday morning. a beautiful live look at the bay bridge as commuters make their way into san francisco. we are going to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning. we will focus on the bay bridge because of issues going on. we look at the maze and the approach off the oakland side. a smooth drive. we have an accident reported in the last few minutes. eastbound 80. out of san francisco, with you are leaving the city, i'm jumping behind the seventh street onramp. an overturned rig might be
5:53 am
affecting one or both of those. avoid both of those if you can. we'll check the commute coming into the city at the toll plaza. the volume of traffic is increasing a bit. no major issues here or in oakland. 880 moving smoothly as well. a light volume around the high street exit with the taillights getting off. we'll get a look at livermore where we are seeing slowing. slowing in westbound 580 through livermore. eastbound 580, blips show up from time to time. 17 minutes out of the altamont pass. high bay 4 there's a slowdown. a little slowing in bay point. not enough to change the sensors. back to you. >> thanks mike. president obama will be in tennessee today to view the area devastated by the flooding of the mississippi river.
5:54 am
he's going to meet with people who were displaced by the rising of the water. the water is still 11 feet above flood level today. those living along the river packed up and placed sandbags and makeshift levees around their homes. floodwaters consumed thousands of homes. this morning, the reverend billy graham is resting at home after spending five days in a hospital in california. the 92-year-old responded very well to treatment for pneumonia. his recovery will be gradual. over the weekend, finally, play station turned the gaming network back on. scott, ahead of the schedule. >> we thought it might take as long as june 1. the play station network was taken offline for weeks after a massive hacker attack. maybe the largest in history.
5:55 am
play station required them to reset their password. the confirmation e-mails have been delayed. on the whole, play station is back up. good news for game players. it's also good if you want to use it to watch hulu or netflix. >> for instance you can watch "pulp fiction" on it to bring mar than 1,000 titles. bring more than 1,000 titles back on the surface. >> on the way at kennedy space center and the last flight. it's drawing extra attention for the woman there to watch the launch. gabrielle giffords the wife or the commission commander mark kelly. we are at the space center with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt.
5:56 am
all systems are a go. they are going to take off. commander kelly is taking with him into space gabby giffords wedding ring. she is keeping his on the ground. all members of the crew are wearing blue wristbands that say peace, love and gabby. it's what the congressional staff has been wearing since they were injured. it's going to be a very, very interesting flight. they resupply the space station and drop off a $2 billion experiment and watch the shuttle go. we have seen this so many times. it's going from 3,000 to 17,000 miles per hour in six minutes. back to you. >> i was looking at the clock. i think we are just about at ten seconds. let's sit back, watch and listen. >> four, three, two, one, zero and lift off for the final
5:57 am
launch of "endeavour." >> expanding our knowledge and our lives in space. >> what a program. >> roger. >> houston is now controlling. "endeavour" beginning to pull over on to its back. the roll program as they begin a heads down position for a 51.6 degree mile or bit. l be quiet for the >> we are watching lift off of shuttle "endeavour" from the space station. i'll be quiet for 45 seconds to a minute until we have the words
5:58 am
of sbr separation. solid rocket booster separation. such a pivotal point. >> the three main engines back at full throttle. all engines in good shape. they are traveling 1,300 miles per hour. altitude of 11 miles. now 12 miles. at lift-off, "endeavour" fully fueled weighed 4.5 million pounds. it's lost half that weight. next event is burn out and separation of the twin rocket boosters. it's coming up at the 2:03 point. they are burning 11,000 fuel pr
5:59 am
second. standing by for separation of the solid rocket boosters. >> that's the moment we wait for since 1986 when the shuttle "challenger" happened. tom, as we get ready to talk more about the mission commander, let's talk about the mission itself. what are they going to do? >> this is a mission, as we said, the second to last mission before the shuttle program is over. they are going to resupply the international space station. also, the scientists are very excited about the physics experiment. it is essentially going to be looking at the origins of the universe. some physicists think it's a waste of money. others are excited about the prospect. it's going to be the key science off load, if you will. they dock with the space station on es


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